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"Indie-pop singer-songwriter Tiggy inhabits such a blissful haven and celebrates the very cleansing effect nature really does have on one’s mental anguish. “Share This Feeling” opens with a choir of chirping birds, a perfect set-up for a truly calming excursion. It has been one helluva week amidst one helluve year, so her performance soothes and replenishes the body."


"Tiggy may have just become my next favorite artist that I obsess over.... her upbeat, chill, beachy vibes are just the right sound for the times. We can all use some of those escape-the-world vibes right now.... Overall, there’s a freshness to Tiggy that lets us step into another world that’s all our own and escape the world for just a little while."


"Tiggy is a diplomat’s daughter, an engineer, a surfer, but above all — she’s an optimist. This beacon of light within Tiggy really does rub off on us, and it’s about time she offers some much-needed clarity to you.... After one listen we’re convinced that “Oasis” may possibly be Tiggy’s best release yet."


"As she creates everything independently, Tiggy has just released her fourth single 'Dear California'; an upbeat, sun-soaked and nostalgic track that is her opener to her upcoming debut EP. From one country to another, Tiggy has learnt to be a talented artist from the comfort of her bedroom."


"Though she’s moved places every two years since the age of thirteen, Tiggy Valen finds that home where the heart is. Now based in New York, a rather fitting place for the cosmopolitan soul, the California, Bay Area singer speaks on her unusual upbringing as the daughter of a diplomat. Soft and breezy, her songs with their ethereal glow reflect a nostalgic air; a pre-determined longing and melancholic saudade resulting from living a nomad’s life."


"If you’re a fan of acts like Clairo and Maggie Rogers then Tiggy might well be your vibe. Tiggy is an independent surf & indie-pop artist with a DIY ethos writing, recording, and producing her music in her bedroom. Her music is laid-back and personal to transport her listeners to a lighter, more optimistic place. "


"[Share This Feeling] has so much relevance and meaning. Each word connects to the theme. So intriguing.... Tiggy creates her own musical environment with Share This Feeling. It’s made with a sense of poetry."


"She takes any listener on a journey around the world, both sonically and thematically, with each song. Growing up in five different countries, Tiggy is a nomad, crafting warm, nostalgia-inducing tracks that aim to put a smile on your face."


"[Tiggy] is a former cellist, opera singer and now songwriter and producer (why are all the Tonemillers always such multi-talents?) The opera training is evident – Tiggy sings with a truly unique and beautiful voice, performing the track in a breathy and effortless way from start to finish in that gorgeous, dark and mature tone."


"I have to give a massive shout-out to the otherworldly vocals on Dear California,; they are utter perfection, nothing less. The guitar-led single is, by Tiggy’s words, a “nostalgia-inducing tribute” record, and it’s easy to see why. It does feel like a song that could have been plucked from times gone by and dragged into the modern-day, bringing with it it’s own current feel. It’s beautiful, and it cannot fail to make you happier than before you hit play."